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System Information Viewer

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View detailed information about your system

Ray Hinchliffe |
updated on December 14, 2021


Easy to use, and it's free
Simple interface with main information at front
Small download file
Does not have to be installed


Interface could be improved
System Information Viewer
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Most applications that show system information tend to be very limited and only show a small portion of the system information. With System Information Viewer (SIV), you can view comprehensive and detailed information about your system.

The application is built from the ground up to provide straightforward information of the whole system. This includes everything from detailed resource statistics to the temperature of the disks, CPUs, GPUs, and more. Users can also select different components to provide component specific detailed information.

Overall, the System Information Viewer is very simple and pretty straightforward to use, with information divided into different sections based on the type of information. You don't even need to install anything, just extract the downloaded zip file and you are ready to start using it.

SIV's Wi-Fi component provides a detailed description of all the Wi-Fi networks around you. The component provides details such as the name of the network, signal strength, frequency, authentication, and other relevant information.

Similarly, you can get detailed information regarding the Windows that is installed, of the machine itself, hardware status, and much more. Each of these components provide in-depth information regarding the relevant components.

Users can view the information by simply clicking on the buttons provided at the bottom of the main screen. The application can be otherwise downloaded for free and is free to use. The file size is also very small, so you don't have to worry about it taking too much space on your drive.
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